Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wassailing - BBB Style!

BBB is coming to play! (L-R: Neithangwarth, Beorbrand, Carica, Aegthil, Figro, Anarwald, Bluebonnett, Sarasti, and Naethril)
Last night, BBB joined crashed the Green Hills Music Society's Wassail in the Shire! Everyone gathered up so nice and proper-like, and then the BBB rolled in; it was sheer chaos! Aegthil was insulting bobbits, left right and center, and Anarwald was busy trying to steal everyone's pie - you'd think he was part hobbit, himself, at the rate he was going.

Then the wassailing began, and oh! The music! It was lovely - we all traipsed through the shire neighborhoods, and in each one, one of the bands gathered would be set up and waiting to perform a few songs for the crowd. Unfortunately, my scribe decided to avail herself of too much egg nog, and forgot to make note of  what bands performed, so I shall be forced to dock her pay accordingly [Scribe's Note: That would require you to actually pay me in the first place, which I don't believe you ever intended to do!]

BBB performed in our kinship neighborhood, Oldfurlong, and what a sight we were! We were all dressed in our fabulous wintery costumes, courtesy of our resident fashionista, Sarasti - all, that is, except Santabrand, who insisted on wearing his own clothing, and Naethril, who donned her own gay apparel, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa.  

For our set, we opened with that dueling cowbell extravaganza, BBB Is Coming to Polka, followed by two compositions by our talented composer, Beorbrand, O' Tannenbaum and Christmas Eve & The Morning, then another spectacular BlueCar production, We Wish You a Merry Yulefest, and finished up with yet more threats from our other talented (but not nearly as humble) composer, Aegthil, with BBB Is Coming to Play.  The crowd went wild, of course, and begged us to keep playing, but alas, our time was up!

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bluebonnett Merrydo, Goat Herder

Say chèvre!
  Moria is a horrible, horrible place. It's dark, it's depressing, and it's an insane network of bridges and stairs that go everywhere and nowhere. To make matters worse, there are goblins lurking around every corner, and apparently, the Locomotive Association of Middle Earth (L.A.M.E) confiscates your ponies at the border, so you have to actually walk everywhere! Have you ever stepped in goblin poo? That crap sticks like a son of a gun!

The only mounts that L.A.M.E approves are goats. GOATS! Smelly, hairy goats! They may be acceptable transportation for dwarves, who don't care how bad they smell, but us hobbits have sensitive noses.   But still...if there's anything that this hobbit hates more than smelly dwarves, it's walking, so that means, giddy-up, kiddo. (Kiddo? Kid? Goat? Get it? I crack myself up!) [Scribe's note: Yes, Blue, we get it. You're not as clever as you think you are.]

So, yes, I now have a goat. I wanted to name him Mister Sprinkles, because, hello, who wouldn't want to call him that, but my scribe insisted that since Mister Sprinkles is a goat, he needed to be named after a goat cheese [S.N.: because I am as clever as I think], so Clochette it is. Plus, she says Mister Sprinkles is a girl, on account of the ribbons wrapped around his horns. I say Pfft, to that, which just makes my scribe laugh, and laugh, because apparently Aegthil says it a lot, so she thinks he's influencing on me.

She better be careful, that scribe of mine, or I'll write a song about her next!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Smile, you're on Candid Camera!

Guess what, people - this rag-tag bunch of uglies (and one well-dressed bobbit in blue!) met the one and only Miss Devonna herself, arbiter of all that are well and fashionably dressed in Middle Earth.  

There we were, hanging out by the statue in Frerin's Court (like any disreputable gang of hooligans), when we heard it - there was a hobbit spinning around and having FUN...without us! Obviously, we couldn't have that, so we mounted up, and dashed off in search of the offending hobbit. Well, I say we, but I really mean Carica, Jocularity (the dwarf, who reminds me a lot of Beorbrand, for some peculiar  reason...) and I - Aegthil just stood around preening. I think he muttered something about sweat causing the dye on his robe to run, but honestly, I try to pay as little attention to him as possible.  

At any rate, imagine our surprise when we found ourselves face to face with arguably the most fashionable hobbit (outside of Carica and I, of course) in Middle Earth! I do believe we overwhelmed her, as it took her several moments before she was able to regain her speech. I was concerned that perhaps she was suffering from a particularly nasty case of shock, on account of the horrifying sight of Aegthil in his robe (I mean, wouldn't you? Just LOOK at it! Wait, no, DON'T look!), but thankfully, she regained her senses, and even obliged us by taking a group photo! 

I just wish dear Beorbrand could have been with us; maybe he would have been able to convince Aegthil to change out of that nasty robe, and put on some pants!

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