Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wassailing - BBB Style!

BBB is coming to play! (L-R: Neithangwarth, Beorbrand, Carica, Aegthil, Figro, Anarwald, Bluebonnett, Sarasti, and Naethril)
Last night, BBB joined crashed the Green Hills Music Society's Wassail in the Shire! Everyone gathered up so nice and proper-like, and then the BBB rolled in; it was sheer chaos! Aegthil was insulting bobbits, left right and center, and Anarwald was busy trying to steal everyone's pie - you'd think he was part hobbit, himself, at the rate he was going.

Then the wassailing began, and oh! The music! It was lovely - we all traipsed through the shire neighborhoods, and in each one, one of the bands gathered would be set up and waiting to perform a few songs for the crowd. Unfortunately, my scribe decided to avail herself of too much egg nog, and forgot to make note of  what bands performed, so I shall be forced to dock her pay accordingly [Scribe's Note: That would require you to actually pay me in the first place, which I don't believe you ever intended to do!]

BBB performed in our kinship neighborhood, Oldfurlong, and what a sight we were! We were all dressed in our fabulous wintery costumes, courtesy of our resident fashionista, Sarasti - all, that is, except Santabrand, who insisted on wearing his own clothing, and Naethril, who donned her own gay apparel, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaa.  

For our set, we opened with that dueling cowbell extravaganza, BBB Is Coming to Polka, followed by two compositions by our talented composer, Beorbrand, O' Tannenbaum and Christmas Eve & The Morning, then another spectacular BlueCar production, We Wish You a Merry Yulefest, and finished up with yet more threats from our other talented (but not nearly as humble) composer, Aegthil, with BBB Is Coming to Play.  The crowd went wild, of course, and begged us to keep playing, but alas, our time was up!

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