Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bluebonnett Merrydo - Music Video Star!

The band even matched my dress - how thoughtful of them!
Well, star might not be the right word to use; I was really more of a featured extra, I suppose. This evening, a message was broadcast summoning people to High King's Crossing in Evendim, to assist the band Life of Riley with a video shoot. I remembered there being an announcement about this at a recent Ales and Tales event, but had, of course, forgotten completely about it. I thought my scribe was supposed to keep track of such things, as part of her duties include managing my fledgling career as a serious artist [*snort*], but she seems to think that it's my own damn fault for not writing it down. Pfft, I say!

Anyway, the video shoot! As you can see from the picture, the crowd was pretty thin. In fact, I was the crowd. Luckily, I've never met a song I couldn't dance to, so I immediately started up my best hobbit dance, and hey presto, Life of Riley dedicated their entire concert to me! Okay, so it was just one song, but still; first I have songs written for me, and now I have concerts being performed in my honor! 

Rulorn seemed to be running the show, and after some considering, she decided to move forward with the video shoot, only, instead of filming a crowd scene as planned, script adjustments were made to showcase a single dancing hobbit, and the band. Now, this won't be the whole video, merely a small portion, but I have to say, it's very exciting! The first thing I did after filming my scene was sign myself up for a youtube account, so that I could subscribe to Life of Riley's youtube feed, where they will post the video once it's complete!

[Scribe's Note: This is certainly not going to help tone down Blue's rapidly expanding ego. *heavy sigh* I blame that troublesome cousin of hers, Singa, because it's all her fault that Blue has become so involved in Landroval's music scene. Without her, Blue would still be running around, in Reasonable Armor, being a productive member of Landroval society, instead of following after Bearded pipers and libertine theorboists.]
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Link for Your Amusement

My scribe tried to convince me that I shouldn't post this link to Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor, because she's afraid some people might think it's a bit sexist [Well it is, Blue - it's objectifying women! That's terrible!], but I know it's all in good fun, and frankly, I think the world needs more kick-butt women, with reasonable armor, mainly because then they're not taking any focus away from me and my fabulous dresses. 

The only problem is, there don't seem to be any hobbits featured, and that is surely a travesty. I'd submit my own stunning photo, but, as I mentioned, I'm much more likely to be found in a flowing gown, rather than some clanky old armor.  I can't tell you how many times I've been mid fight, only to have my opponent stop and ask me who my tailor is. I always respond, "A lady never shares her secrets!", and then I smash them in the face with my cowbell - it's splendid fun!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Barbara Mandrell -- Blue Bonnett Blues

Everyone has the Bluebonnett Blues, it seems - even up-and-coming country artist Barbara Mandrell! [Blue, this video is nearly 40 years old. If anything, she's a came-and-went country artist.] More important, though - I need to know who did that hair! Bluebonnett's Beehive has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Bluebonnett's Blues, the Musical

What you are about to witness is the illustrious debut of my song, composed by none other than that famous bard of Gondor, Aegthil.  [Scribe's note: Yeah, I've never heard of him before, either.]  He's written several of the songs that we play at our weekly BBB concerts (which of course stands for Bluebonnett's Band, and anyone who says otherwise is just pulling your leg), including several dedicated to various paramours of ol' Aeggie, like Wrenaya, and Khizli. 

 [Uhhhh...are you sure about Khizli?  Of course I'm sure! Why else would he write a song to a smelly old dwarf? Boy, you sure are thick, Scribe! But Blue, Khizli isn't that smelly, and besides, I'm pretty sure I've never seen Aegthil flirt with a dwa- That's exactly why I'm sure of it! Khizli must be his one true love; you just have to trust me on this. Now get back to work!]

Anyway, as I was saying, Aegthil wrote this song especially for me, because he was obviously inspired by my masterful use of the cowbell, and wanted to ensure that we had the perfect song to showcase my belling.  [Scribe's note: I'm sure it had nothing to do with her whinging on about there not being enough cowbell parts in the existing BBB songbook. Nothing whatsoever]

Such masterful work, by all of us! It's just a shame that a particularly poorly behaved elf had to (unsuccessfully) try blocking me with his big, hairy goat, as if it were even possible to squash the power of the mighty cowbell! 

Cowbell 4 LYFE!

[Scribe's note: I really feel that I should mention a few things that Miss Bluebonnett has failed to tell you. First, the video was graciously provided by Irdu from Landroval, who is a friend of Blue's cousins, Singa and Zinga Merrydo. Second, if you are so inclined, you can find the .abc files for The Bluebonnett Blues, as well as all the other wonderful stuff from Aegthil's Fool over here.]

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bluebonnett Merrydo, Blogger!

Finally, after many weeks of careful search, I have at last managed to find a competent assistant! I have watched the interactions between Aegthil and his fool, as well as Beorbrand and his Pet Biographer, and using them as guides, I began the arduous journey to find my own literate companion. I have searched the world over, starting in the Shire (which predictable results - seems other hobbits are much the same as I am, and would rather sing and dance, and eat pie, than sit around with dusty old books), and moving swiftly through Bree (complete waste of time; all I have to show from that adventure is a list of places not to ever visit again and, worse,  I very nearly lost my favorite cowbell to a pick pocket at the Pony!) and then, when I had just about given up hope, someone introduced me to a friend of a friend of a friend, who assured me that they knew just the person for me! Of course I was skeptical, because it's always dodgy to accept help from nonhobbits, but I met with the potential companion, and after some back and forth regarding duties and payment negotiations (apparently, I'm supposed to pay her, which just doesn't make any sense whatsoever, since I'm vastly improving her life, and not the other way around!), I am now able to announce that I am now the proud owner of my very own Hired Scribe!

[Scribe's note: Miss Bluebonnett does not own me; in fact, I pay all her bills. But, as far as hobbits go, she seems to be a bit of a self-involved one, and so, I'll allow her to have her delusions, so long as they keep me entertained.]